Miss Puss

My name is Sanne aka Miss Puss. I was born on 12-12-1985. I have the Dutch nationality but I live in Belgium for sinds 2000

When l was 18 years old l fell in love with jump music and started clubbing at local discotheques. I began dj-ing in 2007 and l bought my own DJ Gear and started 2 practice. I even took some lessons at a DJ School.

I first played with vinyl and after that l took up CD’s. I still love to play with vinyl at home. I think it’s the real deal. But in clubs l always play with cd’s because turntables are getting rare.

I wanted to share my music with a wider crowd so I joined Fear Fm on a weekly basis. At first I started out with my weekly Jump & Tek mixes under the name of X-Files by Lady Xsesis. It was a really great experience and I received some great feedback. I even started a second show with only hardstyle.

2008 was the first time l played in a club. It was the famous Q-Nation in Breda. I played there a lot on thursdays & saturdays. After that i made a new demo for a dj contest. I played at 3 contests and won 2 of them. How cool is that?

So that how lady xsesis was born. Now in 2014, I chance my name to MISS PUSS.
It will not change anything for the rest. I’ll just keep doing my thing and keep moving in the harder style. That means I just keep playing house, jump, tek and hardstyle. Today they call it freestyle

Here are some other partys/Clubs where l played where:

The Qontinent (BE)
Nature one (DE)
Bassrulers Óutdoor (NL)
Promised Land Festival (NL)
Highstraat (BE)
Cherrymoon (BE)
Boombastic (NL)
Cap-tain (BE)
The- return (BE)
Illusion (BE)
Epic (NL)
Glorification (NL)
Bassrulers (NL)
Power Reactive (BE)
Zino (NL)
The-Borderline (NL)
Club Verso (BE)
Reflex (BE)
Arena (BE)
Q-Nation (BE)
Club tropicana (BE)
Complex (BE)
Stuivezand (NL)
Fight of the dj’s (BE)
Central (ES)
Masia (ES)
Raise the bass (BE)

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